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Monday, June 20, 2005

Tom Cruise hates getting prank'd

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Tom Cruise gets a facial

But only if he hasn't pre-approved, staged or scripted the pranks with his PR team.

Four TV workers were arrested after the 42-year-old actor's face and jacket were drenched with water from a fake microphone on Sunday.

Channel 4 has apologised to Cruise for the stunt, filmed for a comedy show.

All four men have been released on police bail and are due to return to a London police station on 4 July.

Channel 4 confirmed that a crew from the same show had squirted Sharon Osbourne with water at a cinema screening last month.

Rock manager and X Factor judge Osbourne responded by getting a bucket of water and going after her assailant.

Well, it's good to know that not everybody in Hollywood is a fuckin' humorless hard-ass (see also MTV's Punk'd). I mean, geez, it's just fuckin' water not some stinkin' pie!

Makes me wonder what's up with Tom's retarded water phobia.

Could it be that the little spoilt movie star is afraid he'll shrink?

Whatever it may be, I think my girl captured the essence of it all very eloquently: "Daa-yum, bitch! He got tagged like a motherfucker!"

He sure did, fruit-loops. He sure did...

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