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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Tom Cruise has Hollywood worried

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in Rome.

No kidding. I'd be worried too if I had my paycheck riding on that vitamin dispenser.

Fortunately, I don't and thus I'm privileged to sit back and enjoy what has essentially become "Scientology Jeopardy" containing such juicy nuggets as "psychiatrists are evil", "I can cure you without drugs" and my personal favorite, "the incessant maniacal laugh".

Mr. Cruise's spokeswoman, his sister Lee Anne De Vette, said she had not heard anything negative after the "Oprah" appearance. "You're looking at someone who's genuinely very happy," she said. "The response we've gotten back is complete enthusiasm and exhilaration for his enthusiasm and exhilaration. He's a very happy person."

Of course he's a happy person. That's what he's programmed to be.

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