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Monday, June 06, 2005

Steven Tyler goes back to school

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Steven Tyler receives an honorary doctorate.

Steven Tyler received an honorary doctorate from the University of Massachusetts for his support and contributions to charitable causes as a Bostonian do-gooder.

He does look somewhat dopey, but at least he's aging like a bona fide rock star and not turning into some ersatz-Beatle like Mick Jagger.

Tyler, a Boston-based rock 'n' roll icon, received an honorary doctorate from UMass-Boston for his music and his support for philanthropic causes, from literacy and homelessness to rehabilitation for alcoholism and support for families of soldiers killed in Iraq. "Remember, today is the first day of the rest of your life," the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member told graduates.

Then he raised a tin of licorice Altoids to the microphone, shook it like a maraca, and thrilled the crowd. "Sweeet grad-uation," he sang to the tune of the Aerosmith hit "Sweet Emotion."

You just know that the school's applicant pool is bound for a seismic shift now that it got the Aerosmith approval of cool...

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