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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Paris wants to meet the money

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Paris Hilton

Summer, sun and surf. The Parises are leaving for Greece this Friday to win over the tight-ass Latsis clan and hatch out some stuff they can peddle to the world in self-destructive harmony.

Paris is going on vacation to Greece with her fiancé, Paris Latsis, to get to know his family better. Latsis' billionaire grandfather is said to be dying and Hilton "should get to know him before he goes — he holds all the money," we're told.

While the Parises are away, they will be "working on coming up with a project to do together, like a movie," or an endorsement. Since her campaign for Carl's Jr. hamburgers got so much attention, "everybody wants Paris to endorse their product."

I guess she wants to strike while the iron is hot!

Paris HiltonParis HiltonParis HiltonParis Hilton

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