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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Owen Wilson thinks the Dalai Lama's overrated

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Owen Wilson

We all know guys will jump through a lot of hoops to impress the girl target of their dreams fleeting affection and temporary lapse of judgment. What you don't know is, in Hollywood women aren't really all that easily impressed.

Wilson tells Playboy that he went to hear the Tibetan spiritual leader speak at UCLA once to "impress a girl" and "the crowd made me want to throw up. At the end of his corny lecture, with a bunch of goofball utopian ideals, he opened it up to questions. Somebody asked, 'What's the answer to world hunger?' And his answer was like, 'Sharing!' And everyone oohed and aahed like he'd just solved the problem. Somebody else asked, 'What's the solution to racism?' And he came back with, 'We all have the same color of blood,' and everybody was swooning. I just couldn't believe what the big deal was."

Neither could I. Still, it's good to know I wasn't the only guy in the audience trying to score with a hot yoga teacher...

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