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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Lindsay Lohan almost Di'ed

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Lindsay Lohan after a night out.

Car accidents are always scary and perilous. But, then again, so is rapid weight loss and doing blow in the ladies room.

What went through teen tyro Lindsay Lohan's mind last week when an L.A. stalkerazzo plowed his minivan into her Mercedes? "I'm just like Princess Di!" Though she survived the June 1 crash—and even attended a party that evening—the rattled actress spent the night telling pals she'd had a reality check (of sorts.) "I didn't sign up for this shit!" Lohan griped. "I signed up to do red carpets, not this. I feel like I'm gonna be the next Diana and it scares me." Putting salt on her imperceptible wounds, police on the scene treated her as if she were "just some dumb star," she added.

Uh, okay. Whatever you say, Linds.

Lindsay Lohan after a night out.Lindsay Lohan after a night out.Lindsay Lohan after a night out.

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