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Monday, June 13, 2005

Jessica Simpson's dad is a diva

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Jessica and Joe Simpson

Yup, he sure is. Turns out, Pissy Joe didn't like it when Linds 2.0 gave his skanky daughters the "get-the-steppin'-bitch" party pass at her MTV Movie Awards after-party last week. Nope, he did not. Not. One. Bit.

After calming himself with a glass of warm milk and a chocolate chip cookie, Big Daddy Joe did what every self-respecting Texan would do – he picked up the phone and started talking shit about Linds.

"Joe called our head offices himself and ranted and raved about it," says a top editor at one of the weeklies. "It was obvious he wanted to paint Lindsay as a bitch. He couldn't believe anyone would dare ban Jessica from any party because, as he said, 'She’s a huge superstar.'....Joe will do anything to make sure she's in the papers every week and he knows Lindsay's an easy target."

Simpson, a former Baptist minister, requested that the pubs under no circumstances reveal him as a source and, in at least one case, insisted that they write that the scoop came from an associate of Lohan's.

Geez! What the hell was Linds thinking? I mean, seriously! Doesn't she know that when you mess with a Simpson, you are messing with a, uh, well, a moron?

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