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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Give us your soul and we will give you Cruise

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Tom Cruise

At least that's more or less how I always imagined it goes down whenever a journalist tries to score a sit-down with the always affable Tom Cruise.

Well, I guess I was somewhat right...

[H]ow did Reader's Digest land a rare sit-down with Scientology's top celebrity spokesman? By caving in to a long list of bizarre demands. According to well-placed sources at the magazine, to ensure Cruise's cooperation, the Digest's reporter, Meg Grant, promised to give "Scientology issues" equal play in her profile of the star, and agreed to enroll in a one-day Church "immersion course." Before the interview took place, our sources say, the magazine also agreed to submit its questions for Cruise to his Church handlers, who weeded out any queries they deemed inappropriate. But they were still not taking any chances. When the exclusive interview finally took place, one of Cruise's handlers asked the star the list of pre-approved questions, as Grant recorded Cruise's responses.

Needless to say, the Church is thrilled with the resulting story, we hear. With such fawning treatment in the pages of the global magazine that denounced it only a decade ago, it's scored a significant coup. As for the magazine? "Reader's Digest has sold out with no turning back as far as I'm concerned," laments one former editor.

Okay, now just to be fair, profiling Tom Cruise without giving "Scientology issues" equal play would have been next to impossible anyhow. It's like trying to profile the male anatomy without saying "penis".

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