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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Crowe faces his demons and 7 years in prison

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Russell Crowe in handcuffs.

The guy obviously has unresolved issues and a serious anger management problem. Still, charging him with assault for hurling a phone against the wall is a bit steep. Adding criminal possession of a weapon (i.e. the telephone) to the charges is just plain crazy.

The enormity of his situation is not lost on the Gladiator star. He said: "I'm not trying to be pessimistic, I'm just looking at what the situation is - it's a seven-year jail sentence."

He is also aware his fate now lies in the hands of Mr. Estrada.

"It's not his fault," Crowe admitted. "The only hope I've got is to rely on his good graces. I wouldn't imagine that he's in a position where he feels any obligation to do anything nice and I can understand that position completely.

"It's a bad situation, but it could possibly have been worse and I'll just have to deal with it."

The assault charge could also put his US visa at risk, threatening his future in Hollywood.

"The whole traveling thing might be a moot point because of the simple fact that I wouldn't be able to work in America in the future," he said. "That'll be that."


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