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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Ben Affleck's got balls

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Ben Affleck

As a movie star, messing with your director is always a touchy and risky endeavor. If it backfires, you're screwed. After all, this is the one guy who can make you look like a million bucks or bury you behind a crowd of extras.

So then why on earth, I ask, would you use your director's neck as a scrotum pedestal? I mean, isn't that what assistants are for?

"I'd be sitting in the director's chair and I'd be watching a playback, and he'd stand behind me. Every once in a while I'd feel something on my neck. I'd be like, 'What the [bleep] was that?' And I'd turn around and he'd have his [scrotum] out and resting on my neck. I was like, 'What the [bleep] is wrong with you, dude?' What if it got out in the press that that's the kind of thing you do?' He's like, 'No one would ever [bleeping] believe you, sir.'"

Well, at least now I know that he wasn't mounting JLo in his trailer the whole time...

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