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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Angelina Jolie is hot stuff

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Angelina Jolie goes to WashingtonAngelina Jolie goes to WashingtonAngelina Jolie goes to Washington

Well, d'uh! I know I'm stating the obvious, but it's better to state the obvious than talk trash like Billy "Couch-Fucker" Bob:

Brad Pitt probably can do without Billy Bob Thornton's thoughts on making love to Angelina Jolie. But, for what it's worth, Jolie's ex suggests the experience is overrated. In fact, you might as well pounce on a Jennifer Convertible.

"Sex doesn't have to be with a model to be good," Thornton says in July's Esquire. "Sometimes with the model, the actress or the 'sexiest person in the world,' it may literally be like f-ing the couch."

(Jolie was Esquire's "Sexiest Person in the World" last year.)

Makes you wonder what he's bedding these days...

Could it be a lawn chair?

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