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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Where in the World is Paris?

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Paris Hilton

It's a known fact that I can't function properly without food, water, sleep and my daily Paris Hilton fix.

I know you can't either. So on we go.

Paris (Heiress) started the past week in Paris (City) with Paris (Boyfriend) to promote Paris (Perfume). Paris (Heiress) then proceeded to Cannes (City) without Paris (Boyfriend) to promote some other stuff in her unrelenting quest to be a brand (Paris).

Along the way Paris (Heiress) reclined on a chaise longue by the beach (Cannes) and insisted that she understands the concerns of the poor, working people (Give me a break).

Today, Paris (Heiress) jetted to Turkey (Country) to join Shakira (Colombian Artist) for Wetten, dass ...? (German TV Show).

I realize that this isn't the kinda intel you were hoping for, but I'm nonetheless hopeful that you will somehow manage to get through the next 24 hours without any serious withdrawal symptoms.

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