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Friday, May 13, 2005

We love Paris in the Springtime

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Paris Hilton

So I've just finished my collector's edition of "How to launch a Killer Gossip Blog in less than 2 days".

It took me a while, but I finally finished the whole page.

As it turns out, the secret to success is simple, pick a beloved celebrity with a wholesome image and start digging for dirt.

Being the lazy bastard that I am, I decided to avoid all manual labor and just settle for Paris Hilton instead.

It appears our blond-ambition-heiress will finally get another 30 seconds on TV. And, yes, swallowing will once again be featured:

Her god-this-is-too-racy fast-food commercial will hit U.S. TV screens next week.

We can't wait to break out the tofu and celebrate while continuing to wonder whether or not there's been some sort of misunderstanding during the casting session:

Puzder said his company's ad agency suggested using Hilton. "She's very appealing to our demographic," which he described as young, hungry guys.

"Hungry"?? Really? Is that what we are calling them now?

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