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Monday, May 23, 2005

Trash Flash: Today's Stinkin' Stories

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

>> A very revealing unauthorized Ahnuld bio is about to hit the shelves. I'm bracing myself for lots of sex, drugs and rock-'n-roll. Ahnuld may or may not be involved in said activities. [source]

>> Tom and Katie are in love. Tom said so on Oprah, so it must be true. But who would have thought, Tom's first choice wasn't Katie - it was Kate! Or so they want us to believe. [source]

>> Eva Longoria wants to be available to the audience. JC Chasez wants to be available to Eva. I wanna know how I can get in on the action without having to actually watch the show. [source]

>> Paula Abdul slept with Ryan Seacrest and confirms he is not gay. Corey Clark is speechless. [source]

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