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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Russell Crowe is a Force of Nature

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Russell Crowe

Ron Howard is not only one of the "most genial" guys in Hollywood, no; as it turns out, he's also the master of prudent let's-not-piss-Russell-off-again Hollywood metaphors.

Apparently, Russell is still misunderstood by many. For some inexplicable reason people think he is arrogant.

Crazy kids! Russell is not arrogant, he's focused! And moody:

"Directing Russell is like shooting on a tropical island. The weather is going to change several times a day, but you're shooting there for a reason. Sometimes those dark clouds are just what you need. And sometimes you wish it would stop raining so you can do the sunny scene."

And sometimes you just want to shoot yourself. Or so I'd imagine...

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