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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Need Money? Like to Travel? Grab a Camera!

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Jennifer Aniston

It's widely known that the paparazzi make a killing shooting celebrities. Here are the going rates for those interested in a possible change of scenery:

$15,000: Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen in a New York City nightclub (more if the photos are unflattering)

$30,000: Jennifer Aniston, post-breakup, looking sad (left) (more if there is a nearby man on whose shoulder she could potentially cry)

$90,000: First photos of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez kissing

$2,000: First photos of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez kissing

$370: What British tabloid Heat will pay an average citizen who snaps a celebrity—any celebrity—with his camera phone

$2.3 million: What Kevin Federline earned—Britney said he could keep the money all to himself—from People for exclusive rights to his wedding photos

I wish all prospective paparazzo the best of luck. You'll need it.

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